This present time we all see that business is everywhere. We can see that it has also a transaction on the internet, a place or anywhere that they can market their business. Small businesses may hard to make an effective business method because of a small budget or having limited resources. You can also make an online marketing which is free but a bit of time-consuming especially on making a blog. But in the printout advertising, but it may cost a lot.


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Here are some ways to make and effective online marketing for a small business:

  1.       Blogging

Blogging is none of the most famous ways of doing online marketing, especially for the small businesses. Updating your blog for twice a week will make it more impact on your SEO. The more blog you post, the more traffic from your site will get from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. It is because you are adding new content to your site.

  1.       Social Media

Social Media is one of the fastest ways to know what something is new and in demand in the market.  This can also use to interact with some of your visitors or can also use it for easier transactions. You can also use the Social Media in sharing all of your blog content.

  1.       Using Facebook pages

As what facebook say, they have a total of more than 1 billion active users. Try grabbing this chance so that all of the people can see what your business. The facebook advertisement may cost a bit bigger if you get a lot of likes and shares.

  1.       Post on Pinterest and Instagram

Pinterest is a site where you can share a picture of your website and pin something creative and has a relation to your business. Instagram can also use in uploading pictures when you have a business about food and also in this kind of sites they are emphasizing the quality of each photo on their site.

  1.       Email marketing

This kind of marketing didn’t cost too much high, you just send some of your subscribers an email which is all about your company or it is just a link to your website’s newsletter.

  1.       PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising and Google Adwords

This one is one of the most needed on every website owners. Choosing the most searched word with a very low completion will make your website visited a lot. Having an appropriate title using a long term keyword will make it reach in the top search.

  1.       Create Webinars

Creating a webinar and posting it on the internet may take a lot of time. Webinars in some websites are always discussing what is their business all about. Some of the webinars they open may cost a lot. But setting webinars in your site may visit more because you are posting something they want and also it will be a good review for your company.

  1.       Press releases

Press releases can also be used in advertising. Especially if the recent release is having a trending article or it is the one which is talked about. You can have an advertisement on one side of that article. Having this kind of advertising really cost a lot.


Doing online marketing may cost a bit high or it may just cost nothing.  But if you’re just having a small business a facebook page may help and it’s just free. You can invite some of your friends to like your page. Facebook is not the only social media account, there’s twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and much more.  Use this suggestion to advertise your business.