In order to attract clients, websites are created as well as different forms of advertising strategies. Now that we live in the world where people are all into social media, we should take our part and go with the flow. No business owner wants to be left behind when it comes to trends. If you own a business, let’s say an outsourcing company you will have to advertise about your company so that you can get clients overseas. If you’re just going to depend on your website to call and contact your targeted clients, it will be difficult for you to make them sign up to your services. So what is the newest tool that we should use for advertising? Since we talked about social media, let us figure out the most-used social media platform nowadays. Do you have an idea on what it is? We use Facebook. Everybody use Facebook to gather information, to make communication and as a way of spreading the word – in short, advertisements. 


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What is Facebook Advertising?

It is a process which will allow your business to place custom ads or content targeting your specific audience with certain costs varying on the reach and engagement that your ad will receive. It will appear in your target audience’s Newsfeed or at the right column of Facebook on desktop as well as on Mobile. If you placed an ad about your outsourcing company, people with interest on it will go to your Facebook page and contact you immediately. That is how your business will get an instant client. Just in case you want to look about outsourcing definition and advantages, you can click here.

How to advertise on Facebook?

Facebook advertising is one of the easiest ways of creating advertisements yet have the bigger chances of attracting lots of future clients. All you have to do is to invest for a few dollars and all the good things will come back to your outsourcing company.

If you don’t really know how to advertise on Facebook, here are some tips for you.

Create your Facebook business page.

Determine the category of your page so that it will be appropriate for your business. You have many choices there but you should be more specific about it. Fill out the necessary details, upload a cover photo which is relevant to your business as well as profile picture.

Create a goal for your Facebook ads.

Create smart goals for your ads. Make it specific, attainable, relevant, measurable and time-based. If you want a better return on your investment, these kinds of goals will help you achieve it. For example, your goal can be 500 likes for one month.

Customize your target audience.

Facebook ads will let you choose your target audience. You can set it to all females or all males with certain ages and locations. For example, you want to reach people locally with ages 18-30, both male and female and living in your country. Our advice is going locally first before jumping into another set of locations or it will depend on what business you have. An outsourcing company should target audiences from the USA, UK and other countries which will likely to hire their outsourcing services. It is being said that businesses including outsourcing companies are now depending on Facebook advertising.

You can still do other things aside from these tips like choosing your budget and choosing how your ad will look. Facebook advertising is one of the best tool to use for your outsourcing company advertisements since your target audiences are from worldwide.

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