There are only a few companies which function independently ,which means not having to partner with other business establishment to make their day by day tasks effectively.  Most of the businesses that we know go for an outsourcing company to achieve their growth successfully. Working with bpo companies or outsourcing companies can give your business an effective way to focus on your target and priorities.


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It can be complicated knowing how, what and when to outsource. Sometimes even the word outsourcing can be difficult to describe. While this happens every time, there are just two reasons why companies turn to outsource. It’s either they outsource some of their daily tasks or they establish business partnerships with outsourcing companies to be one of their strategic part of their business. One famous example of those companies is Apple. They just outsource some of their operations model while creating and designing their products internally.  A simple printing and writing a flyer for your marketing purposes is an example of business outsourcing.

Let us define outsourcing to offshoring. Outsourcing is to have a contract with a 3rd party while offshoring is to do your tasks in the other country to lessen the costs. So here are the two big questions if you’re not decided yet whether to go for outsourcing or not.

What should you outsource?

There are tasks that you should outsource depending on the industry that your business belongs to. There are two tasks that you can outsource which will go well with outsourcing.

Tasks which are critical to your operations. For example, your business is in the USA and you have something to deliver in the Philippines but those products can also be delivered mainly from the other city located in the Philippines. Instead of delivering your products directly from The US, you can outsource the task from an outsourcing company located in the Philippines to reduce the costs of the shipping fee while having the same price for it. That means you already avoided that tax and other shipping costs for the product. 

Commodity tasks. These tasks are well suited to an outsourcing company. Customer service call centres are the best example for that. Instead of paying an employee from your country, you’ve got to outsource the tasks to other companies to create better results yet to reduce the costs.

When should you outsource?

To help you decide when is the right time to outsource, learn and figure out the calculation of expenses and other things related to your business. You may have some tasks which can be convenient and budget-friendly when done internally while you can also figure out which tasks should be done with your contractor to lessen the costs. One-time events can be also good to outsource. If you’re thinking about branding, outsource the logo design while keeping your graphic designers to learn more and develop their skills as your in-house members. Outsource the job to people with expertise who can deliver the job at the right time with result that can look professionally.

Move up with your business while figuring out what you need in order to keep the growth. Do it systematically yet surely. Learn to appreciate the benefits of outsourcing and how can it help you achieve your goals.

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