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In our world, everything moves fast and we have to juggle so many things at once. Sometimes we run out of time to do some of our tasks. Luckily if you have enough money you can have an outsourced employee to do some of your tasks. Here are 8 tasks that you could outsource.

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Simple Tasks You Can Outsource

1. Waiting inline

If you’re a busy person with so much to do and every minute is money wasted then you are probably willing to hire an outsourced employee to wait in a line for you. You can hire people to wait in line to buy a concert ticket or a ticket for a movie you’re going to see over the weekend.

2. Negotiating bills

BillCutterz and BillFixers can help you negotiate a better deal when it comes to your cellphone or internet provider or gym, even your trash service can be negotiated. If it works out the service charges 50% of saving for the first year, and if it doesn’t you don’t have to pay for anything.

3. Name Changing

Are you a newlywed that needs to change their name but you don’t have time to do so? You can outsource someone to do that for you. I’m a Mrs and Hitchswitch are examples of companies that are doing this kind of service.

4. Medical Bills

Is there an error in your medical bill that you need taking care of? You can hire someone to do that for you. Mebex and Copatient are services that can scan your medical bills for error and if you want they can also negotiate to lower your bills to help you minimize medical bills.

5. Decorating for the holidays

Once in your life you probably had so much time and interest in decorating your house for the holidays. However, as we grow up it seems like we don’t have enough time to spare for putting up decorations for the holidays. It is possible to hire someone to make your house glam and fab with decorations.

6. Gift wrapping

After 8 or more hours at work sometimes it’s just so exhausting to do simple tasks such as gift wrapping. It is possible to get this done at gift wrapping kiosks, bookstores, or even the place where you bought the gift.

7. Selling your stuff for you

Selling stuff nowadays is much easier, you have to option to do a yard sale or maybe you can even put it up online. eBay Valet provides you a professional to sell your items however, you must think if whatever you’re selling can justify the cost of a pro.

8. Writing a toast, eulogy, or a breakup letter

Is writing not your strong suit? Don’t worry there are numbers of writers are there who are willing to do the writing for you for any occasions as long as you pay them the right price.

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