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SEO specialists know that success in SEO does not provide any shortcuts. You will need patience, dedication, and of course, the right knowledge. These characteristics may also apply to businessmen like you. Thus, if you want to know if you are getting the complete SEO services you need for your business, here’s a little glimpse of how the whole SEO process works. 

1. Audit

An audit involves a technical audit and a content audit. 

Technical Audit

Technical audit is the process of checking every single element on your website that has an impact on your SEO performance. One element you should focus on is speed. Many websites take so much time to load which results in a high bounce rate. To make sure that you are on the right path from the very beginning, you should allow ample time for an in-depth technical audit to list down all errors your site might have. 

Content Audit

A content audit is significant, especially for those who have large websites. This process will allow you to remove or rewrite unnecessary content on your website. This will result in lower website traffic which is the main purpose of a content audit. You need to eradicate insignificant traffic to rewrite or develop new content with more value and convert more visitors into clients.

2. Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes elements such as:

  • AMP
  • Broken Links
  • Redirects
  • The site and Page Speed
  • Sitemap
  • Internal Links
  • Crawl Errors
  • Crawl Budget
  • Index Status

3. Keyword Research

Although there are a lot of rumors going on on the internet that says keywords are now “irrelevant”, research still shows that they are still useful. Keyword research involves understanding how internet users utilize search engines and what are the topics they are searching for and at t the same time, how these search engines use these keywords to bring results. 

4. Location Demographics

Local business owners like you know the real importance of location to your business. Location demographics involve checking your business’s NAP (name, address, phone) and other business information, making sure everything is accurate.  

5. Content Strategy

Some points that you should never forget when creating your content strategy include:

  • It must be about your target audience.
  • It must expand your business’s purpose
  • It must be easy to comprehend
  • It must elaborate on who you are, what is your business, what services/products you offer, and how they can reach you.

6. Content Writing and Optimization

After planning your content strategy, the next thing you should do of course is to get into action. However, remember that aside from getting all of the points listed on your strategy covered, you should also take note that it has to be optimized. Good website content will help you establish your brand relevance, authority, and trust. But of course, also make sure that everything you write has been proofread and edited before you publish it online. Write not just for your audience but for the search engines too. Pleasing the search engine will allow your audience to find your content amidst the tight competition. To do this, you should add metadata (meta title and meta description) and ALT to your content. 

7. Link Building and Social Media 

Links from quality sites can help you increase your crawlability and search engine ranking. SEO specialists use different tactics such as broken link building, competitor analysis, and lastly, the Evangelist method. On the other hand, people are now highly dependent on social media and you should make use of it. Ensure that one of your SEO goals is to build a strong social media presence and connection with your target market. 

These are only a brief description of the complete SEO services you should have for your business. If you don’t have your SEO specialist yet, PrimeOutsourcing is here for you. Contact us today for more details. 

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