Philippines surpassed India as the leading BPO capital of the world. Studies show that IT outsourcing gradually increased by 46% since 2006 and is continuously growing as of 2015. Outsourcing is a great option to consider in getting services without bothering additional expenses, which is why this is one of the most chosen services to staff employees.

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A lot of companies and businesses are turning to the Philippines to consider engaging outsourcing services, leading to a higher percentage of jobs available to Filipinos. Since IT becomes dominant, many outsourcing companies are improving their technical and computer proficiency. One of the new outsourcing companies inaugurated here in the Philippines is PrimeOutsourcing. Let us take a few good guides on how it actually works.

How IT Outsourcing at PrimeOutsourcing works

If your company wants a couple of staff to get a job done, it can engage with PrimeOutsourcing to get employees to work for you. Your company will then appoint these employees to your Operations Management for the tasks needed to be completed. In order to help employees to work efficiently and effectively, PrimeOutsourcing has complete functional facilities aside from just offering services and staff.

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How Offshore Staff Leasing works

Offshore Staff Leasing is an ideal way to start an outsourcing company. But how does it work? With PrimeOutsourcing services, your company can hire professional employees at lower rates and in the fastest way.

Offshore Staff Leasing starts with your company’s inquiry, where you fill out a form you see on the site. After 24 hours, PrimeOutsourcing will then review the requirements your company provided and decide on which staff will be fitted best in the required position. If the company is unable to find a qualified employee, they will execute the job posting, testing and interview and will send the shortlisted candidates to your company. A quotation will be sent next, including a detailed list of the service costs. The staff your company has selected will be notified and sign a non-disclosure agreement as well as an employment contract under PrimeOutsourcing. Once your company has paid the invoice, the qualified staff will then start working. As a final point, your company will be receiving an email containing details about the staff and supervisor assigned to you.

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Up until now, IT outsourcing and other relative services such as human resources, accounting, and manpower services are continuously growing. Because of its higher demand, more companies are engaging to outsource and seek outsourcing companies to grab chances of its advantages.