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There were many challenges the IT-Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO industry) faced this 2017.  However, experts are still positive that IT outsourcing will continue to grow in the next years–only this time, slower.

BPO Industry Problem: It is still hard to look for IT Talents

With Duterte’s comments regarding the United States especially the remarks he made about former President Barack Obama and President Trump’s stance in prioritizing America first, the matter with the IT-BPO industry seems to get only get worse. Another issue that was raised this year is the attempt to remove VAT exemption as a part of the government’s tax reform.

With all these things happening this year, the bigger problem the IT-BPO Industry in the Philippines seems to be facing is the need for more talents that can meet the demands needed in the industry.

Meeting the demands is only getting harder for the industry, with companies like Verizon creating jobs in the US instead of doing that for their Cebu contract. Fortunately for the people working in the industry, companies like Accenture and Sykes are continuously growing their business here in the Philippines. This will allow workers to get back to the industry if ever layoff happens.

However, the demand for more talent in the industry doesn’t mean everyone gets the job. If anything, this only means that there are only a few who are intuitive and capable of handling tasks expected from an industry that continuously changes.

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The Solution

It seems like having good communication skills and being computer literate are not enough to get hired in this day and age. JP Palpallatoc of Accenture Philippines explained why “reskilling” is essential to thriving in the fourth industrial revolution or  “Industry X.0”.

The industry will still grow in the coming years but the lack of availability for talents needed in the industry might threaten it in the future. This is why companies are encouraged to develop talents to sustain the demands.

For example, implementing a computer literacy course down to an elementary level. This will allow people to move to more complex tasks in their succeeding years while in school.

For the managing director of Cebu IT-BPM Organization (CIB.O) Wilfredo “Jun” Sa-a Jr., developing computer literacy courses that are “gamified” will allow children to have a bigger appreciation for computers and information technology.  Sa-a hopes that the ranking for next year’s global outsourcing destinations will be better.

Another thing that was launched by CIB.O in cooperation with the Cebu government is the Learning English Application for Pinoys (Leap) program at Apas National High School.  Leap, is a computer-based program with lessons to help students improve their communication skills in English that could potentially help in meeting the demand in the IT-BPO industry.

Addressing the Talent Crunch in the IT BPO Industry

The IT BPO industry in the Philippines is grappling with a significant talent shortage, posing a threat to its continued growth and success. Despite the industry’s expanding needs, finding individuals with the requisite skills and aptitudes remains a daunting challenge. To address this critical issue, a multi-pronged approach is necessary, involving collaboration between educational institutions, government agencies, and industry stakeholders.

By fostering computer literacy from an early age through gamified curricula and implementing programs like the Learning English Application for Pinoys (LEAP), a concerted effort can be made to nurture the next generation of talent. Furthermore, companies must prioritize reskilling and upskilling initiatives to equip their workforce with the competencies required to thrive in the rapidly evolving “Industry X.0” landscape.

Overcoming the talent crunch demands a long-term commitment to developing a skilled and adaptable workforce, ensuring the IT BPO industry in the Philippines remains competitive and well-positioned for sustainable growth.

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