Summer is one of the most awaited seasons by the employees of Prime Outsourcing and for a good reason. It is that time of the year when they get to slow down, relax and enjoy the company of each other without worrying about work.

The Prime Outsourcing family made their way to Nasugbu, Batangas where they spent their annual company outing at Club Punta Fuego. Although no activities or games were prepared for the two-day event (April 26-27), it was certainly a hit among the employees as they get to swim to their hearts’ content at the exclusive resort’s infinity pool. Others also took the opportunity to explore the beauty of the venue, strolling along the beach or hanging out with co-workers, while taking “selfies” and group shots with their cameras or mobile phones. Night time was also well spent as employees huddled around a bonfire to enjoy the night sky.

Of course, everyone was treated to a hearty buffet at the function hall. A selection of sumptuous food satiated everyone’s cravings.

Before the Prime Outsourcing family left the venue, employees jumped on the banana boat ride offered by Club Punta Fuego. Wearing their life jackets and holding tight on the tube, they were towed to sea by a professionally-driven boat and enjoyed the thrill of hurdling over the waves.

All in all, the annual company outing was a success as everyone had a good time and felt re-energized. This was one event they will definitely remember for a long time.