Continuous innovation, that is definitely what to be expected over the incoming year. Although there are already trends that are about to be introduced comes the year 2019, it is also important to keep an open eye for further possible changes to happen. In terms of web development, it is more fitting for marketers to have millennials handle this job role.

Since millennials are products of the new generation, they are very adoptive. One advantage of the new generation is that, they are able to quickly respond with the constant changes that is happening not just in the technology but also in today’s society and culture.

Trends easily come and go, Every form of industry is undergoing distinct alteration on a constant basis. Over the course of 2017 and 2018, technological advancements have incorporated the use of virtual reality, crypto-currencies, tracking user behaviour and let’s not forget the use of AI in chat-bots. According to study, some of these current advancements are to remain in trend and will be enhanced further in the coming year.

We are now a few weeks into 2018, as we welcome the coming year, allow us to give you a list of some of the upcoming to be introduced in 2019:

Progressive Web Apps

Although PWA has been already introduced in the latter years, it was only this year that it became known. PWA is based on 3 whales: JS, CSS and HTML. These applications are designed to simplify the user’s interaction with the application itself. These applications features are as of follows:

  • Adaptability to any smart device
  • User convenience
  • The app is independently updated

In addition, all applications have secured platforms, through HTTPS and the given automatic update through the service worker API.

Javascript and PHP 7

The use of Javascript remains to be on top of the used tools in web developing. Although it gained a lot of controversies in 2017, it is still the most popular form of programming.

PHP 7 on the other hand has gone through drastic changes since it was first released. However, record shows that at our present time, there are over 80% of websites which use PHP 7.


The use of cryptocurrency is surely to move forward in the coming year. Trading platforms and other digital block-chain products will continue to reign in 2019. Keep an eye for other possible smart contract language for creating cryptocurrency.