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“Content is the king”, you have already stumbled upon this phrase a couple of times on the internet. As a business owner, you have to remember that your content is the key to success.

In our present digital world, your content marketing should be one of the essential aspects of your business.  When it comes to marketing your products or services online, one of the best ways to create a buzz is to develop and share compelling content.

Most media properties online now publish more contributed posts and a report from AOL and Nielsen pointed out that about 27 million pieces of content are shared daily. This only goes to show that content is still the king in online marketing.

Content marketing is one type of marketing approach that concentrates on creating and gives out relevant, valuable, and consistent content to grab and retain the attention of a target audience, and most especially drive profitable customer action. As a business owner, it is very important to know that “Content is the present and the future of marketing.”

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Compelling Content Writing Tips

It is very important to remember that in writing compelling content, the very first thing you have to consider is your audience. Ask yourself, who are your target audience? Once you have determined these people, you need to align your style of writing with these people. 

If you have not started making your online content, it is about time that you do so. Investing in creating unique and exceptional content has been proven to help establish a brand, generate leads, improve customer retention or loyalty and enhance search engine rankings.

However, with the bulk of compelling content being made and shared online, how do you make sure yours will get noticed? Here are three secrets to creating standout compelling content as shared by Jim Yu in a Huffington Post article.

1. Look for Unique Perspective

Most online users search for fresh compelling content, so when making one does not just focus on the topic itself. Instead, try to make it more interesting by infusing a unique story that relates to your topic. Properties like narrative, expert quotes, figures, and visuals are some items you can add up to help make your content relevant.

A unique perspective will also reflect the values that your business adheres to as well as the stance you would like to take on a particular topic or issue.

Although a strong perspective is always imperative for compelling content, Yu noted that there is no need to make a contentious argument just to get your message through or to make your content look edgy. Accordingly, while inserting a dab of controversy is good as it encourages dialogue, it is not a good idea to overdo it, as doing so could lead to negative consequences that could weigh down on your brand. 

The first thing you need to do is to determine who your target audience is and have a clear picture of who these people are. Distinguish these people’s unique interests, goals, and challenges. Consider all aforementioned in planning and writing down your content. Being able to recognize your own niche is very essential to the effectiveness of your content. 

2. Inspire Conversation

To fully have the attention of your audience, focus your content around strong arguments and interesting ideas. This will allow for a conversation since you gave your audience a reason to re-examine what they believe in, while also leaving them enough room to voice out their opinions. Of course, when discussions are made because of your content, be respectful of the people who have different views than yours. 

Keep in mind that, when readers read conversational content, they automatically feel a connection to the writer. Readers would feel like they already know you, and then like you. This is a very good opportunity for you, as a writer to market such products and/or services. 

Another pointer to consider is that you may also use your content to educate your readers or give advice on topics that they care about will help you create a conversation with them and establish trust. Furthermore, that trust may develop into an interest in your products and services. Take note that content marketing, if done right will create an ascending conversion. 

3. Timeliness Matters

Another great way to make your content more appealing is to focus on the now. That means, make content about changes and current trends and other items that are relevant to your audience at the moment. This is an excellent strategy because you get the benefits of being timely. If you cannot figure out something inspirational within your industry, think something beyond it and finds a common ground so you can tie your content to your brand.

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Content development is now more important for businesses and they are using it as a part of their marketing tool kit. When using this strategy, though, you will be able to maximize your efforts if you know how to combine data-driven insights and storytelling.

Add in a unique point of view and make it as timely as possible and you will be rewarded by both users and search engines alike. Timeliness is a vital aspect of your content, however, in terms of marketing, it should not just be timely. It should also be relevant, you need to consider your target audience’s wants, needs, opinions, etc. 

Effective and compelling content is essential in converting your site visitors into satisfied and loyal customers. Take note that it is not just about creating content and letting it out there. Being able to produce high-quality content is key. Search engines crawl contents and aid websites with well-written content by ranking them higher in search results. 

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