“First impression matters”, this is also very true in terms of e-commerce sites. First of all, a website must leave a good and lasting impression on its visitors. For some, it would be their first and last impression of a specific website. Thus, you must always be updated. Here are some 2019 Web Design Trends you should know about.

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When we speak of today’s trends, everyone would agree that it is constantly and swiftly evolving and this is actually due to our fast-paced environment. As for web designers, it may be quite a challenge to keep up with these innovations.

Furthermore, web design has also greatly evolved over time. As expected in the coming years, the rise of newer technologies also comes with the continuous steps to newer directions with web design.

Must-know Web Design Trends this 2019

In this blog post, we have listed some current web design trends that are dominating the e-commerce world:

1. Minimalism

While this type of web design has been on the loop of trends ever since this classic and timeless style will continue to remain in trend this year. Grid layouts, text-based design, and monochrome colors are just some of the current minimalist designs.

2. Glitch Art

You may have already seen this type of concept in some filters like Instagram or Snapchat. Crinkled films and distorted images are what’s also in trend as of this year 2019. This actually creates a unique look on a website.

3. Black and White Palettes

Color is one of the important elements of a website. It creates the mood of the viewers. While black and white are the total opposite of each other, the combination of these two creates a unique look to a website.

4. Fluid Design

Geometric shapes like square, triangle or rectangle are still being incorporated in websites up until now. However, as mentioned earlier, people’s tastes are continuously evolving. It seems that as of our current trend, people are now more drawn into asymmetrical and organic shapes.

While these designs may be what’s in the loop of trends at the current time, it’s best to remember that these trends come and go. Some may last for a while or even a decade and some may disappear in just a flash. What truly matters is that your designs must always remain faithful to your brand.

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