Along with our personal gadgets and the combination of the Internet, our smartphones have become one of the important aspects of our daily living. As a result, all people are now wired to their own smartphones in most parts of the day. We pretty much rely almost all of our daily activities on it. We use it for music, games, alarm, clock, and to communicate with other people, especially to connect to other people from around the globe. With all these given information, it won’t come as a surprise if there will also be an evolution in terms of the development of certain mobile applications for our very own convenience. List down below the top 4 Mobile App Development Trends in our present year.

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1. Mobile Payments

At the start of 2018, Google had introduced a simplified mobile payment with its payment service. More people are making use of their mobile phones to make their payments instead of paying with cash. A mobile transaction is likely a tool that will grow in the future so making use of it now is one great move.

2. Security

There will be a big shift in security this 2018 with companies such as Apple and Google committing to make security at the top of their priority. This is vital to things such as mobile payments and banking, emails and more. It is essential for security to be at the start of development with code encryption for mobile apps. This is why testing apps before releasing them to app stores or google play is important. With the efforts that were made last year, 2018 is likely to be a better year in mobile app security.

3. The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as Chatbots

The use of AI or chatbots proves to be effective for some companies such as Amazon. In the past, incorporating AI into mobile apps would’ve been expensive. This is why 2018 is a good year for companies to operate with the use of AI or chatbots.

Consumers are always searching for easier interactions with companies that are available 24/7. In fact, 52% of consumers prefer to interact with businesses through the use of a messaging app rather than interacting through phone calls or even in person.

4. On-Demand Apps

Streaming apps such as HBO or Netflix had a big leap over the past years. Surprisingly enough, non-game apps sought bigger growth rates than games. This is in relation to how much people have spent on entertainment apps compared to the year prior. On-demand apps also include services such as food, transportation, and fashion.

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