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The enchanted party night that all PrimeOutsourcing and Vidalia Lending Corp. employees are waiting for has finally come! 

Held on December 13, 2023, in Emerald Function Hall, Room 498, everyone entered the magical and wonderful world of mythical creatures to embark on an enchanting adventure. 

The party registration started at 3:30 pm and the employees arrived one by one wearing their enchanted-themed outfits. Excitement fills the room as everyone eagerly waits for the CEO, Sir Bong, to arrive and kick off the party.

The host took charge of the party proceedings, with the opening prayer delivered by Ms. Patricia Mae Peñaranda from the HR Department. Following that, Sir Bong warmly welcomed everyone to the celebration.

Magical Costume Extravaganza

The night commenced with a burst of creativity, setting a magical tone as employees gracefully paraded down the aisle in their enchanted costume attires. 

This enchanting showcase quickly became one of the highlights of the evening, as Prime and Vidalia employees transported everyone into a world of fantasy. The air buzzed with joy and appreciation after everyone presented their costume. 


Party of Christmas Trivia and Laughters

With a round of Christmas trivia questions, the party took an interactive turn. With the lead of the host, cheers and laughter rang out throughout the room as employees competed to demonstrate their knowledge about holidays and traditions, to win cash prizes. 

Enchanted Forest Got Talent

As the night progressed, the awaited moment arrived—the talent showcase unfolded, revealing the hidden skills and talents within the company.

Employees were divided into three groups where they presented a variety of talents.  From musical performances to dancing and acting, employees took the stage, receiving cheers and applause from their colleagues.

The first group of performers showcased their cheerful umbrella dance number, showing their precise dancing skills and coordination. On the other hand, the second group presenter demonstrated their acting, singing, and dancing skills, and touched the hearts of the audience with the story they presented. Finally, the last group exhibited their talents in dancing, and creativity in portraying their characters. 

All groups wrapped up their performances with success and newly established teamwork with each other. 


Games and Raffles Galore

The night was filled again with anticipation as the raffle drawlots began, yielding prizes that ranged from gift checks to home appliances. 

Games also added an extra layer of excitement, fostering friendly competition and camaraderie among the staff. The games include Christmas Singing Bee, Don’t Drop the Balloon, Salo Mo, Out Mo, and a lot more, where employees get the chance to win prizes. 

Dinner Delights and Exchange Gifts

After feeling drained from the performances and games, everyone got reenergized after savoring a delectable dinner consisting of a variety of foods.

The exchange of carefully wrapped gifts followed as colleagues shared tokens of appreciation and holiday cheer, reinforcing the bonds of friendship within the company. The room was filled with gratitude and smiles, echoing the true spirit of the season– a time for giving.

Bonuses and Christmas Gifts

To add to the festive atmosphere of the party, Sir Bong took the time to convey his gratitude through the announcement of bonuses and the distribution of Christmas gifts including groceries to bring a special shine to the celebration, demonstrating the company’s dedication to the well-being and happiness of its employees.


Awarding Excellence

As the end of the party drew closer, it was time to recognize the individuals who went above and beyond for their enchanted forest-themed outfits and the winners of the “Enchanted Forest Got Talent”.

For the best in costume, Ms. Princess Cruz and Mr. Ryan Pelayo raised the bar and won as they showcased their creativity and efforts to bring the audience to the world of mystical madness through their outfits. 

On the other hand, Group 1 won “Best Performance”, while Group 3 was the first runner-up. 

To wrap up the awarding segment, the company gave the utmost appreciation and honor to Ms. Peggy Ann Jacinto, Mr. Donald Ragudo, Mr. Barry Hawkins, and Mr. Rey Codera for their outstanding contributions to the company through the years, making the team exceptional. 

End of the Enchanted Adventure

The mystical adventure finally comes to an end. 

Sir Bong returned to the stage for closing remarks, expressing gratitude for a year of shared accomplishments and predicting a bright future. With hearts full of joy and a sense of unity, employees bid farewell to a Christmas party that would be etched in their memories for years to come.

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