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BPO Market Today – Becoming the world’s biggest market for Information Technology process management (IT-BPM) with the back of continued government support with more quality talents in the local labor force, the Philippines is said to be confident about it.

More and more BPO companies are succeeding in the Philippines. Back then when outsourcing was still new, the Philippines was the highest and most excellent provider of talented individuals for these jobs.

IT and Business Process Association Philippines (IBPAP) chairman Danilo Sebastian Reyes said in the interview with STAR “We are pretty much top two, top three in the IT-BPM servicing market in the world, hence why we have always been known as the destination of choice for IT-BPM services,”

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Reyes also said that there is an opportunity for the Philippines to dethrone India as the IT-BPM servicing leader in the world because of the new government leaders coming in this year along with the increasing number of university-produced talents.

The Philippines is well-known for being such education education-conscious kind of country and most people from here are struggling to finish college because they think that it is one of the greatest achievements that they can have in their lives.

Reyes again said “We can definitely maintain our position because of the continuing partnership between the industry which is represented by IBPAP, the government, and the academe together with the roadmap we are implementing and we will be developing. So I think we should be able to sustain, if not improve our position.”

“We’ve got the momentum, we have the credibility in the global market and certainly we have the people to deliver quality service,” he added.

The biggest challenge to deal with to be the world’s top BPO market is to address the quality volume of talent for the BPO industry. There are many graduates and talents from universities who have the potential to join the BPO industry and get the number of employees that are needed to become the biggest IT-BPM BPO market in the world.

Many companies from abroad are choosing to hire an outsourcing company in the Philippines. They are into the good benefits of outsourcing which can make their success with their business. Filipinos are the best workers to hire because they put too much effort and value into their work.

They won’t settle for the word “okay” because they always want the best results. They are also eager to learn new things and can adapt to the working environment easily.

Many BPO companies in the Philippines are from different countries and they are happy that the Philippines is one of the top countries to provide better BPO services for their customers.

As March is here again, expect many graduates from different universities who can seek jobs in BPO companies. Hence, an opportunity for the BPO Market in PH to rise once more.

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