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Social Media Outsourcing

Social Media Outsourcing has become increasingly important for businesses in recent years, allowing companies to reach and engage with customers online. In fact, according to the Hootsuite Social Media Trends Report (2023), 96% of marketers acknowledge that social media delivers positive outcomes.   As a result, many businesses are turning to outsourcing as a strategic approach to get help with their social media efforts. This allows you to work with experts to execute social media marketing strategies, instead of trying to handle everything in-house.

Six key outsourcing strategies can take your social media to the next level: content creation, community management, social media management, data analytics, paid advertising, and crisis management. Outsourcing parts or all of these strategies allows you to leverage outside expertise to grow your brand and connect with your audience. 

In this blog, you’ll learn more about these six strategies of Social media outsourcing and how they can benefit your business’s social media presence and wider marketing strategy.

What is Social Media Outsourcing?

As you know, social media outsourcing involves having an external agency or freelance professionals handle your company’s social media activities, rather than trying to do everything in-house. 

Outsourcing social media marketing

Based on research from Sprout Social in 2021, social media outsourcing allows you to tap into social media experts’ skills, experience, and specialized tools. Rather than relying solely on your internal team, outsourcing provides you with professionals who focus solely on executing and optimizing social strategies. 

Hence, this allows them to fully manage and administer your social media presence, freeing up your internal resources. Outsourcing gives you access to dedicated specialists who can elevate your social media marketing game. This strategic approach allows you to benefit from external expertise.

Is it better to outsource social media marketing or keep it in-house?

When you outsource social media marketing, you gain access to experts who specialize in implementing effective strategies on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This allows an external agency to handle the day-to-day management of your social media presence, freeing up your internal team to focus on core business functions.

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

Outsourcing providers stay up to date on the newest social media trends, technologies, and best practices. This means they can optimize your efforts and produce measurable outcomes. Their experience managing many client accounts provides insight into what works across industries. An in-house team frequently lacks specific experience. 

Outsourced talent provides you with more flexibility. Agencies can swiftly scale their teams up or down to meet your changing demands. This agility and competence in executing social initiatives make outsourcing an effective way to take your marketing to the next level.

Benefits of  Social Media Outsourcing

Social Media Outsourcing can provide you with advantages that can elevate your business’s online presence and performance. By partnering with specialized agencies, you gain access to expert strategy, expanded capabilities, and the latest innovations for growing your brand through social platforms. 

Here are 10 benefits of social media outsourcing:

  1. Access to social media experts and specialists
  2. Increased reach and engagement through optimized strategies 
  3. Ability to scale efforts up or down as needed
  4. Improved content quality and creativity
  5. Focus internal staff on core business activities 
  6. Utilization of latest tools, trends, and best practices
  7. Analytics and reporting to drive insights 
  8. Management of community growth and monitoring
  9. Ongoing optimization and innovation in tactics
  10. Cost-effectiveness compared to hiring in-house staff

Social Media Platforms with the Highest ROI for Your Business

Various objectives and metrics can be set for social media marketing, including raising brand awareness, generating leads, boosting sales, and cultivating customer loyalty.    As per multiple sources, the social media sites that yield the highest return on investment (ROI) for your businesses are the following:


As you know, Instagram is a popular photo and video-sharing app with over 1.4 billion monthly active users. Instagram is an ideal platform for you to showcase visual and creative content for your brand. Leveraging features like Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV, Live, Shopping, and Ads allows you to effectively engage your target audience. 

Industry research shows Instagram drives high engagement and return on investment, presenting excellent growth potential through social media marketing efforts. 

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing


It remains the largest social network, with 2.9 billion monthly active accounts. This versatile platform enables you to build community and cater to diverse audiences by utilizing tools like Facebook Pages, Groups, Events, Marketplace, Watch, Messenger, and Ads. 

Facebook ranks highly for fostering brand community, generating a return on ad spend, reaching broad audiences, and converting followers into customers. 


With over 2.3 billion monthly active users spanning generations, YouTube provides a top venue for businesses to build awareness through video content. By leveraging features such as YouTube Channels, Shorts, Stories, Live, Premiere, Studio, and Ads, you can publish entertaining, educational videos that engage users. 

Industry experts cite YouTube as highly effective for brand awareness, return on investment, audience reach, and viewer retention.

On one hand, it is important to note that the best platform for your business may depend on your specific goals, audience, budget, and industry. Hence, you should research, analyze, test, and optimize your social media strategy accordingly.

Social Media Outsourcing Cost

The cost of social media outsourcing in the Philippines depends on various factors, such as the type of service you need, the skill level you require, the pricing model, and which outsourcing provider you choose. Here are some general estimates for you: 

These are some of the estimated prices of social media outsourcing in the Philippines for you. Still, you should constantly weigh your options and negotiate the best make deals for your specific business requirements. 

6 Strategies for Social Media Outsourcing for Your Business

Strategic social media outsourcing provides you access to specialized expertise that can elevate your brand presence. This unlocks benefits ranging from creative content that resonates with your audience to actionable data insights that refine your approach. 

Here are 6 social media outsourcing strategies for your business:

1. Content Creation Outsourcing

Content Creation is the practice of developing compelling, creative social media content like posts, images, and videos that engage your target audience.

Compelling, relevant content is critical for successful social media marketing. Outsourcing content creation provides you a cost-effective access to creative expertise and diverse perspectives. You should carefully select content partners that understand your brand voice and collaborate to develop innovative ideas that resonate with your audience. 

2. Social Media Management Outsourcing

Social Media Management involves handling day-to-day social media tasks like posting, engagement, and monitoring to maintain a consistent brand presence.

Managing social media requires considerable time for posting, scheduling, engagement, and more. Outsourcing these routine yet important tasks provides efficiency. You can find an agency that communicates well and uses top tools to execute day-to-day management consistently with your brand voice. This frees up internal capacity for higher-level marketing efforts.

3. Data Analytics Outsourcing 

Data Analytics is collecting and analyzing social media performance metrics to derive actionable insights that optimize your strategy.

Data should drive your social media decisions, and outsourced analytics provides actionable insights. Outsourced Specialists dive into key metrics and uncover optimization opportunities to refine your strategy. Focus analytics on engagement, reach, conversions, and sentiment to gain a performance edge.

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

4. Community Management Outsourcing

Community Management is done through building and moderating social communities by interacting with users and responding to comments in your brand’s voice.

Community building is integral in social media, and outsourced community management offers expertise for growth. Your outsourced partner will handle engagement, monitoring, and interaction, maintaining your unique brand voice seamlessly. This establishes valuable communities and unlocks additional marketing opportunities.

5. Paid Advertising Outsourcing

Paid advertising includes creating and managing paid social media ad campaigns to reach new audiences and achieve marketing objectives.

Paid ads are crucial for social media impact, and outsourced ad management brings efficiency and expertise. Outsourcing companies stay on top of each platform’s advertising capabilities and optimize campaigns to lower your cost per conversion. Select a company with proven results across multiple clients for effective paid advertising. 

6. Crisis Management Outsourcing

Crisis Management is preparing for and responding to reputation threats and challenging social situations promptly.

Crises on social media are inevitable, but outsourced crisis management provides resources to respond quickly. External specialists supplement your efforts in preparing crisis plans, monitoring threats, and tackling challenging situations. Clear processes ensure effective collaboration when reputation threats emerge.

By working closely with trusted  social media outsourcing companies, you can create a streamlined system for publishing great social content, engaging your audience, running high-performing advertisements, and efficiently managing crises. The result is an efficient social media marketing engine run by professionals who are committed to your brand’s success.

Elevate Your Social Media Marketing with PrimeOutsourcing Services Today!

As your business looks to elevate its social media marketing, partnering with a specialist like PrimeOutsourcing is an effective approach. Our team brings decades of combined experience executing successful outsourced marketing strategies for diverse clients. We stay on top of the latest trends and innovations to drive real results across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Our data-driven approach means we continuously optimize our social media outsourcing services based on in-depth analytics. 

We offer comprehensive management, from captivating content production to community interaction and strategic paid advertising. We handle the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on high-level marketing. Our pricing structures correspond to your business needs, whether you require full-service management or specialist assistance in key areas. 

As social media evolves, we are continually adapting our strategy and services to capitalize on new potential. Partnering with us means your brand will benefit from specialized strategies that adapt to the changing social media landscape. Evaluate your social marketing needs and use our knowledge to achieve meaningful growth. Inquire now!

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