Designing a website is easier than most people think, especially with your outsource web design. Be that as it may there’s more to web design than the jaw dropping aesthetic to be able to gather some audiences. In this day and age there are numerous websites to visit how can you make sure that people will visit and stay on you website?



As a user yourself for a couple of years now you know what you want to see in a website. Use that to your advantage. Here are 3 tips to help you create a web design that is both eye catching and useful.



You may want to impress you visitors with fancy designs that are complicated and unique. However, sometimes that is not the best way to go. No matter how bad you want to impress your visitors don’t get too carried away or you may put unnecessary elements to your web design. Make sure that your colors aren’t too many and the typefaces you use are legible. Lastly, while graphics can be used to capture your audience’s attention, just use them if they are necessary.



You should have a theme when making your website. Web design must follow a certain color palette, typefaces to be used and content should have the same tone.


User – Centricity

While web design is important, bare in mind that user experience is more important than the aesthetic of a website.Hence, you should gather research and feedback if your website is good. Make sure to make changes according to the feed back


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