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For most people, web design and graphic design may seem the same when it comes to job roles, specified skills, and purpose. In reality, although both focus on “designing”, both of these job titles have their key differences. Whether you are planning to pursue either career or looking for someone to hire for a certain project, it is best that you know the differences between both professions.

What is Graphic Design?

A graphic designer makes use of graphics, typography, images, and graphs to convey an idea or message. They may work on print projects such as brochures, posters, leaflets, and all types of branding materials. As well as digital projects like advertisements, icons, photo edits, etc.

What is Web Design?

On the other hand, focuses on the production and maintenance of a website. Web designers are the ones responsible for the technical, behind-the-scenes, and computer-related tasks of a project. Furthermore, they also do programming and write codes such as HTML.

Key Differences Between Graphic Design and Web Design

Here are the key differences between the two works:


Graphic designers typically have more freedom since they are not hindered by the programming, speed, and resolution aspects of the rules in web design. As for web designers, they have to balance out a good design with the site’s speed and efficiency.


In terms of skills, graphic designers can freely execute their creativity without having the restrictions of coding. However, other than being creative, they must also be proficient in using Photoshop, Illustrator, and other design programs.

As for web designers, coding is one important skill that they must also possess. They can either code websites on their own or work with web developers to help them. They must at least have intermediate knowledge of JavaScript and CSS to design a website.

They are given certain specifications for certain job tasks. For instance, they are given a task to create a Facebook advertisement with a specific size and pixels. As for web designers, a website must adapt to different types of screens such as desktops, laptops, cellphones, and tablets.

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