There are 105 million Filipinos working in the BPO industry in the Philippines. The BPO industry gives its continuous helping hand to the society as it give more jobs and helps the economy grow. It is without a doubt that the BPO industry in the Philippines is a huge part of our growing country and the Chairman of the national Privacy Commission (NPC) Raymund E. Liboro agrees.


In an article Liboro wrote for Manila Bulletin he says that, “We have an entire industry that has been a pillar of our emerging economy, and that needs our protection and support as well.” He highlights the importance of the Data Protection Act and why it is important to the Philippines BPO industry.

“The existence of a law clearly defines the responsibilities of entities such as BPOs in ensuring the protection of personal data. This is clearly beneficial, as it minimizes the potential for finger-pointing in case of data breach, and it allows industry players to plan and institute processes, assured that there is a clear structure that must be followed in the form of a law.” Liboro continued to elaborated.

It is true that with the Philippines is one the top countries business for outsourcing hence it makes sense that we protect their data privacy. The NPC does their best in order to raise awareness on the issue of data privacy and why the Data Protection Act is Important.

During the Data Privacy Asisa 2017 Liboro he advised the BPO companies that they are not excepted from the law. That even though the NPC are keen on building a relationship with the Philippines BPO Industry, the law will be the pillars that will make that partnership strong.


Prime Outsourcing and Data Privacy

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