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You know that having an online presence is essential for any organization in this digital age, but you may not realize how significant a website can be. A well-designed web page may help you establish a reputation, reach more clients, and improve your search rankings.  

Hence, let’s walk through ten incredible facts based on different studies and research that demonstrate the enormous benefits of having an internet page can offer to your company endeavors. 

Importance of having a Website for your Business

In today’s digital world, having a website for your business is vital for establishing trust, accessibility, and visibility. It functions as a virtual shop, providing potential customers with a simple way to research items or services, make purchases, and contact the company. 

A well-designed site not only improves company image but also streamlines marketing efforts, allowing firms to access a worldwide audience while remaining competitive in an increasingly online industry. Furthermore, it gives vital data via analytics, allowing businesses to study user behavior and modify their offerings accordingly, resulting in growth and success. 


10 Facts you should know about having a Website for your Business

Here are 10 amazing facts you should know on how having an internet site for your business can help you succeed. 

1. 97% of customers say websites influence their purchases.

According to Hubspot research conducted by RainToday reveals that customers admit that business web pages significantly sway their purchasing decisions. 

They are critical for your business because they allow your customers to research products and services before making purchasing decisions. Nearly all customers are using online sites to inform their buying choices. Hence, it is clear that a compelling online presence is vital for businesses to thrive. 

2. 91% of customers visited a store after interacting with an online website.

Customers physically visit stores after engaging with a brand’s online presence, (Fit Small Business, 2022). This underscores the seamless integration between digital and physical retail experiences. 

It plays a major role in driving in-store traffic and sales for your business. Most customers will visit a physical store location after engaging with a brand‘s web page. 

3.  84% of customers think a company’s website is more reliable than its social media page.

Establishing credibility is paramount in the digital landscape, as evidenced by Mountaintop Web Design (2023),  consumers consider a business’s site more trustworthy than its social media presence.

Your potential customers can see your web page as a more authoritative source of information than your social media pages. It can be seen as the most trustworthy representation of your business.

4.  94% of first impressions of a website are based on its design. 

The importance of web design cannot be overstated, given that 94% of initial impressions are based on its visual aesthetics, (British Computer Society, 2019).

This means that your web design has an enormous impact on initial perceptions of your brand. The look and feel of a site shape nearly all first impressions visitors have.


5. 86% want product and service information on a website’s homepage.

WebAlive (2024) cites that customers want product and service information on the homepage – Customers expect to easily find key details about offerings right on a homepage. 

Catering to user preferences is crucial, with the number of visitors expecting to find product and service information readily available on your site’s homepage.  Most users want to access product/service info without having to search through your site.

6. 75% of consumers assess a company’s legitimacy depending on its website. 

In today’s digital age, a company’s website serves as the cornerstone of its credibility, with 75% of individuals forming judgments based on its online presence (Zippia, 2023).

Your internet site can significantly influence how trustworthy and professional your business appears. Individuals will assess your business credibility through your company’s site. 

7. 93% of the world’s web traffic goes through Google.

As said by Fit Small Business (2023), Google remains the primary gateway to the internet, handling a staggering 93% of global web traffic, highlighting its dominance as a search engine. 

Google essentially controls the flow of internet site visitors globally. The vast majority of internet users can find your page via Google searches.

8. 21% of small businesses biggest website concern is low traffic.

For many small businesses, generating traffic to their web pages poses a significant challenge, with 21% citing it as their primary issue, emphasizing the need for effective marketing strategies, (MarketingSherpa,2023).

Driving site traffic is a major challenge for smaller companies. This means that having one is not enough and that you need to impose marketing strategies within it.

9. 4.23% is the average click-through rate of a call to action on a website.

The Signal (2022) indicated that the average click-through rate of call-to-action buttons stands at 4.23%, indicating the importance of compelling CTAs in driving user engagement and conversions. 

Your website’s calls-to-action generally have low response rates from visitors. On average, only around 4% of users click on CTAs they see. 

10. 30% is the increase in Google searches for “small business websites” over the past three years.

The rise in Google searches for small business pages over the last three years, with a 30% increase, highlights the growing realization among entrepreneurs of the significance of building a powerful online presence, (Fit small Business, 2023).

More small businesses are prioritizing web pages, illustrated by major growth in related searches. Interest in the small business web pages has risen steadily over time.

Ultimately, to succeed in today’s digital market, your business must have and use a business site to generate trust, deliver information, boost exposure, and drive conversions. A modern, well-designed, and optimized site is now a required component of any successful business. 

Partner With PRIMEOutsourcing For An Essential Revenue-Driving Website

As the ten remarkable facts demonstrate, a website is critical to every business’s success, influencing purchases, building credibility, and boosting in-store visitors. However, many people face problems such as low visibility or inadequate design. This is why you need PRIMEOutsourcing‘s web development professionals. 

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