While great improvements were made in terms of development and innovation so far as geographical mobility and IT services, we can’t help but look forward to what 2018 has in store for us.

IT Outsourcing Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

1. Demand for big data software market

The use of big data software has been in demand in the outsourcing industry. This is in relation to businesses’ need to access information and discernment to their customers. Business owners who are concerned with how well they will do in the future look forward to the use of big data software market. This system allows a larger amount of data to work and come together, a shift from the traditional and usual method of data analysis. The use of big data software is expected to be heavily adopted in 2018.

2. Use of Blockchain

Blockchain, technology used to secure online transactions, is one of the trends to rise in 2017. This will continue in the next year which will allow business transactions easier. The use of this technology has attracted businesses like banks even going as far as developing their own online currencies. Countries like Japan are also aiming for a standard method of payment using similar payment currencies.

3. Jobs for data analysis and software engineering

Big or small businesses are constantly looking for innovations and technologies that could improve their overall operation. This allows them to be a step higher than their competitors. However, the workforce in the industry has declined with lesser IT students graduating compared to the demand for it. This is why increasing specialized training for people interested in ICT programs is a trend for 2018. According to the World Economic Forum, hiring jobs on data analysis and software engineering would also be crucial for the next two years.

IT specialization

An improved version of past trends are also likely to emerge in 2018. With trends stated above working to improve the quality of past developments, IT outsourcing businesses with expertise in specific IT solutions are likely to get hired by clients in the same domain where their services are needed.  

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IT Outsourcing trends