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In terms of English language proficiency, there is no doubt that the Philippines is one of the leading countries that has a very high level of individuals who can speak the language fluently. This is primarily one of the reasons why foreign companies have now been choosing the country for contact center outsourcing work.

Given the increasing number of BPO companies offering contact center outsourcing services in the country, it only shows that Filipinos provide such great contact center services. As of the present day, Philippine call center outsourcing is not only with huge American companies but also with Australian and British firms.

Contact Center Outsourcing Definition

Contact center outsourcing is a business practice in which a company delegates the operation and management of its customer service functions, such as call centers, email support, and live chat, to an external third-party service provider.

In this arrangement, the outsourcing company hires a specialized contact center vendor to handle customer interactions, inquiries, and support requests on their behalf. The outsourced contact center typically employs trained agents who are equipped with the necessary technology, infrastructure, and expertise to deliver efficient and effective customer service on the client company’s behalf.

Contact center outsourcing allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the resources, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of a specialized contact center provider.

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Why Foreign Companies Choose the Philippines?

Aside from language proficiency, there are many reasons why these foreign companies’ number one destination for contact center outsourcing is the Philippines:

1. Adaptation of American culture

In reality, the Philippines has had a relationship with America for generations. Filipinos have been well exposed and have also adopted some of its practices. Upon exposure to the American culture, this has allowed locals to wholly embrace and understand the American way of living. As a result Filipinos better know how to interact and assist Americans in their queries.

2. Filipinos are very polite

Part of being a Filipino is having a respectful, courteous, and polite character. These characteristics have been strongly instilled in Filipino individuals at a very young age. Having these traits as a part of the Philippine culture greatly shows how Filipino call center agents handle such ordeal in times of handling irate calls.


3. Lower costs

Aside from the fact that Filipinos are very proficient in speaking the English language, another major reason why these foreign companies’ ultimate contact center outsourcing destination is the Philippines is that:

  • Costs of labor are lower than in Western countries
  • Rent for office space is cheaper
  • Costs of work equipment are significantly lower than in Western nations.

4. English language proficiency

The English language has always been either the first or second language for a lot of Filipinos. Another thing is that the English language has strictly always been the medium of communication for some schools.

This practice effectively removes the communication barrier between locals and foreign individuals. As a result, the country has indeed high-quality workers that can effectively cater to the needs of foreign customers.

As of today, the Philippines has now been the leading contact center outsourcing destination for American Corporations. Furthermore, other countries such as Australia and the UK have now been as well, slowly making use of the country for such services.

Call Center Outsourcing with PrimeOutsourcing

Outsourcing has now become an essential part of every business. Today, companies go in for remote work to help their staff find a work/life balance, have access to top talent worldwide, and save costs. As seen in today’s industry, the Philippines has become one of the trusted countries foreign companies outsource to. The contact center outsourcing industry in the country is booming and is seen to continuously flourish in the coming years.

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