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Today, staff leasing is rampant as more and more companies are looking at hiring web developers, webmasters, data encoders, SEO specialists, programmers and copywriters from the Philippines, and experts believe that this demand will continue to flourish for the following years. So what makes the Philippines the best destination for offshore staff leasing? Here are the reasons.

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Staff Leasing Advantages

1. Huge Talent Pool

As the third-largest English-speaking country in the world, the Philippines boasts an English-literate
workforce–a huge portion of which has an American accent–making Filipinos competitive in dealing
with western clients. Nonetheless, the country produces over 400,000 university graduates each
year with degrees related to IT, engineering and healthcare among others.

This only proves that the Philippines never run out of talented and highly skilled workers who are willing to be trained to offer more complex and highly valued services. In fact, a large number of world-renowned companies have already taken advantage of the excellent pool of talent the country has to offer, including Google, CIGNA and J.P. Morgan Chase just to name a few.

2. Strong Support from Government

The rapid growth of the outsourcing sector in the Philippines is said to be one of the reasons the
country managed to escape the height of the global financial crisis in 2008. Due to this, companies offering outsourcing and offshore staff leasing services in the country are receiving strong support from the government.

One of the biggest benefits that the Philippine government provides to such companies is the PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) certification wherein firms get to enjoy 100% exemption from corporate income tax anywhere from 4-8 years.

3. Robust IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure

Albeit still a developing country, the Philippines enjoys excellent Internet access, which is complemented by technology-savvy citizens. This, in turn, ensures unobstructed connectivity and strong communication flow.

This robust infrastructure is also what encourages many companies, both local and international, to invest and set up their businesses in the country.

4. Cost competitive

Aside from the large talent pool, excellent telecommunication infrastructures, and strong governmental
support, another good reason why it is worth leasing staff from the Philippines is associated with the
cost. The labor cost in the country is incredibly low compared to other countries, but the services are
guaranteed to be high in quality.

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