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All technological advancements that are happening today are catered to everyone’s convenience and almost everything is made possible through the internet. Online shopping has made a whole new meaning to “shopping” itself. The internet world has changed how people live their day-to-day lives. 

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While you are in the midst of online shopping spree, you may have already experienced having suggestions for different products of your liking. It seems like the site has already an idea of the things you are looking for. It’s like your online pursuit was made easier with the given recommendations. Have you ever wondered how it was made possible? What kind of hocus pocus did the website incur to make it happen?

This is made possible through Personalised Marketing. But what is this type of marketing approach? Let us give you a simple explanation of this type of marketing strategy.

Personalized Marketing

Also known as one-to-one marketing, is one type of marketing strategy that businesses use to spread out individualized content to target consumers through data collection, analysis, and the use of automation technology. 
It is a significant form of targeted marketing where indirect messages are sent to individual customers to promote certain products or services. Its goal is to engage customers and prospective customers by individually communicating with them.

With all the buzz that has been going on in the internet world nowadays, people are more likely to respond to messages that speak to them. In a STATISTA report, it is recorded that 90% of people in the US consider this type of marketing strategy as more effective.

This happens through the automation process. By using certain computer software that creates the messages sent to the consumers as well as recommendations. Customers can also customize the specifications of the products they are interested in. Personalized marketing happens in different types of campaigns you will be using. Here are some examples of personalized marketing campaigns you use:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Targeted Email
  • Product Recommendations
  • Custom Video Messages 

Virtual Assistants

Making use of AI chatbots is one way of being able to directly communicate with the target consumers. However, with personalized marketing, companies still have to employ virtual assistants to help them with the creative aspect of this type of marketing campaign. Virtual assistants perform these types of job specifications in Personalised Marketing

1. Weigh in the needs of the company

Your VAs are well-known when it comes to analyzing the scalability of your company’s needs since they can easily adapt to current trends. You just have to provide them with the right tools which they can work with, to improve your marketing numbers in a short period.

2. Leverage consumer insights

Considering your target market’s insights is important to effectively run your campaign. Your VA’s will be of great benefit since they take into consideration your customer’s likes and dislikes. Your Virtual assistants will curate blogs and whatever content your website needs that appeals to the people’s likings.

3. Directly respond to queries

While AI chatbots can handle this task, VAs are the ones to effectively handle inbound calls. Virtual Assistants are proven to be more engaging in handling customer queries. It is always ideal to have a real person to handle your customer’s questions. 

Virtual Assistant Benefits

Having a virtual assistant is a great help to you and your business. Plus, they are not just perfect for personalized marketing, they can also be entrusted with other business management and professional tasks at the same time. A lot of virtual assistants are highly flexible and experienced in different fields and industries. Generally speaking, having your virtual assistant will help you out with the following:

  • Labor Costs. If you are to hire a full-time employee, you will not only pay for the salary but also the benefits (medical and dental), holiday and sick leaves, tax, and other compensations. Virtual assistants work as independent contractors, meaning they handle their expenses, taxes, and insurance. VAs often charge you via an hourly rate, and that’s it. 
  • Productivity. Virtual assistants are mostly self-employed and work privately in their own space. This setup frees them from the distractions of an office environment. Also, virtual assistants are very client-focused and are truly dedicated to getting all their tasks done. Since VAs work differently, in an unusual work setup, they need to earn their client’s trust to build their profile.
  • Flexibility. Since you will be having an extra hand, you won’t have to work extra long hours and on added days. Virtual assistants will also work around your schedule, plus, they are always there when you need them. If your VA is in another time zone, note that it can work to your advantage too. Unlike a regular employee, if you are not satisfied with your VA’s performance, you can just easily end the contract and look for another one.
  • Quality of work. Virtual assistants keep track of and invest in the latest technologies since they work remotely and independently. Hiring your own VA frees you from having to train a newly hired employee and provide him/her with the necessary resources needed every day.
  • Right skills for your type of business. Whether what type and size of business you have, hiring your own VA can most likely help you out on a lot of your tasks. VAs often excel in several skills like Photoshop, content creation, customer service, etc. 

Virtual Assistant Services in the Philippines 

Are you caught up with the unending demands of running your own business? Does it seem like you don’t have enough time in a day to get everything done on your daily business operations? Do you need an extra hand to add up to your workforce? If you say yes to all these questions, then hiring your virtual assistant is the best choice for you! 

Virtual assistant services in the Philippines, particularly at Prime Outsourcing is known for their professionalism, expertise, and astounding work performance. If you are interested in hiring your very own virtual assistant or your marketing team, please visit our services page.

virtual assistant services in philippines

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