A company without decent customer service will amount to nothing in the long run. When you outsource customer service you can’t just expect them to be “the best”. Yes it is important that the customer service department is performing well. But, the company should have a culture of good customer service as a whole.

Even if you hire an outsource customer service to ensure that they are performing well at serving the customers how can you make sure that it will last and be successful? There are numerous books to help you out however it is not easy to train and program your employees to do what the books says.

The secret is that the company must make sure that everyone is in a spectacular performance when it comes to the customer service they are provide. It does not matter if it is the showroom, the janitor. The designer, or the CEO himself. Everyone in the company must embody the attitude of having the best customer service out there. Everyone in the company must be willing to say yes in order to have a great customer service.  

A great example of excellent customer service is experienced by Noah Taf when he lost his luggage. He travelled to Florida for work purposes and his luggage that has his power suit was lost. He then quickly went to the nearest mall. Luckily for him, there was a close Nordstorm store but it was late it was already closed. He tried banging the glass hard and a salesman saw him and let him shop when the salesman realize the gravity of the situation.

After finding the right suit, some alterations was  needed to  be made. Luckily the tailor was still there and the salesman was sure that the tailor would be happy to help. However Taft’s luggage was later found and he did not need the suit anymore, the salesman overheard the conversation and said that it was fine if he returned the suit.

Ever since then Mr. Taft has been retelling this tale therefore boosting the image of the said store. This is the kind of customer service outsourcing companies and any other companies should aim for.

When you outsource customer service, you have to keep in mind that you will also need to make sure it does’t end on a certain department. You have to make sure that everyone in the company is emanating the culture to help your customers.

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