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With the completion of Web Design and Web Development, your website is done. It has a well-written copy and a professional design complete with polished images. All in all, you think that your website is okay, however, you still feel neglected because you don’t have enough visitors or maybe you have but they weren’t so loyal to stay. 

Aside from successfully building and designing your website, you might want to learn a little bit more about the technicalities of web design and web development. So, first things first, why do users leave or hate your website?

According to a study done by the Nielsen Norman Group, the majority of users only stay on a website within 59 seconds. Thus, if you don’t give them enough reason to stay, you will not be able to turn them into customers.

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Big NOs in Web Design and Web Development

1. Your Content is Complicated

People these days are used to getting what they need or want in just an instant. If they find your content difficult to read, navigate, or not pleasing to their eyes, they will not hesitate to click the exit button right away.

You must not only be contented with having a great copy because in the first place you have to make them easy to read. Take note of the font size, font color, background, and overall design of your website including all the graphics and images you are using.

Hence, the way web design and web development are created and its results matter.

When it comes to colors, it is highly recommended to use high-contrast color combinations and clean serifs or sans serif fonts. However, another tip you must never forget is not to use Comic Sans, ever. You might not or might not have read or heard about it before but using the specific font has been an issue ever since it was created and using them on formal presentations and documents is now considered taboo by many designers. 

2. Your Website Design is too Old-fashioned

In connection with the first one, aside from making your content very readable, you must also ensure that they are catchy. People still judge a book by its cover and you have to deal with that fact. Anyway, upgrading the design of your website will not only give you a chance to earn a visitor but it can also increase your site’s trustworthiness. 

3. Your Website Doesn’t Have a Personality

Creating a brand personality is a part of your marketing strategy and it must reflect especially on your website. Well, all you have to keep in mind if you are facing this problem is that when your website is just like anybody else, there will be no specific reasons why the users will prefer visiting you. You will not be able to reach and connect to your audience effectively if you continue to copy others. Use references but be your brand.

4. Your Features and Benefits are Unclear

Your website, at the same time, your products or services must serve their specific purposes and you must be able to communicate them wisely. Use a call to action and bear in mind that customers are more interested in the benefits that you can give them rather than the feature itself. Learn to sell your benefits because it will not just help you generate visitors but you can even possibly get a client.

5. Your Landing Page is All a Bluff

It’s great to have an awesome landing page, however, as a user yourself, will you be happy if you will be going through a site far from what you have expected? Keep in mind that you should not overpromise on your website.

There is no benefit in having a visitor go into your website if they will only immediately click “Back” because you do not have what you promised them in the first place.

Having a bad web design and web development will make you end up with low conversion rates and a bad reputation as a clickbait. 

These are just several reminders of why people hate or leave your website. It both deals with web design and web development. If you know that you can solve these issues, why not? If you have a website, better make the most out of it and let people see what you can offer them.

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