A Virtual Assistant can be either tapping into the Artificial Intelligence world or employing a third party to cater to your other business functions. Although the use of AI as Virtual Assistants gain more fame in our present time, it is also proven that real life VA’s are also very reliable in terms of customer related engagements and task oriented job functionalities.

Artificial Intelligence VS Real Life Humans

Artificial Intelligence (AI Assistants)

Apple was the first one to release Siri in the recent years. Today, other competitors have one by one introduced their own versions of AI Assistants. Amazon has now “Alexa”, Google has “Google Now” and Microsoft has “Cortana”.

These AI Assistants are typically cloud based which require the use of the internet to function. Incorporating Virtual Assistants into our present technology requires a great amount of Data storage. These data are the ones responsible in bringing AI assistants into life. Empowered by data driven logistics, when people interact with AI assistants, certain AI programming uses algorithms to process the data and predict the people’s demand.

These AI assistants does simple daily tasks like:

  • Adding tasks to your calendars.
  • Giving certain information which can be found in the internet.
  • Controlling different types of smart home devices such as: cameras, lights and thermostats.

Real Life Humans (Virtual Assistants)

Real life VA’s are the ones performing businesses day-to-day tasks. These VA’s are often home based and are also exposed to different types of business focus. These people don’t just help marketers run their daily functions smoothly, they also help their daily lives. As a result, they are able to live a less stressed and less pressured life.

VA’s perform their jobs depending on their tasks, these people perform a wide array of tasks on a daily basis. Nevertheless, there are also specific skill set or job specifications which they usually are experts on:

  • VA’s are widely known for having such an exemplary organizational skills. In fact, the reason why most marketers would rather hire a VA is for the sole purpose of having their travel itineraries organized, set up meeting venues, arrange their calendars and so on.
  • These people are also experts in content creation such as blogs, contents for different types of websites, including research. As you may all know, content creation is one of the important tools in establishing your own name not just in the online world but digital as well.
  • Since VA’s are commonly home-based, their primary source of almost everything is the internet. Aside from organizational skills, these people are also quite known for being experts in Social Media Marketing.

    Since they have already worked with different businesses with different brands, they have already established wider connections in terms of online marketing. Meaning, it is more likely for them to help you make your name.

Whether AI or real life humans, these Virtual Captives make it easier for marketers to perform their daily jobs smoothly and effectively. Over the recent years Virtual Captives have proven to be more effective and helpful in performing different components of businesses.