Thanks-to-Seat-Leasing,-Having-a-BPO-Office-in-the-Metro-Need-Not-Be-ExpensiveThanks to Seat Leasing, Having a BPO Office in the Metro Need Not Be Expensive

Gone are days when putting up an office in a top business district entails a lot of money. Today, if you
are looking to set up a BPO business here in the Philippines, but you are not too keen with the idea of
investing in expensive technology and office, you can easily do so with seat leasing.

Simply put, seat leasing is a business solution wherein a company provides fully serviced office
seats and common IT infrastructures to another company. It is seen as a flexible and cost-effective
alternative to purchasing or renting an office space and infrastructure, making it an ideal choice for
start-up organizations.

Given the thriving business environment in the Philippines, a lot of companies are now providing
seat leasing services to organizations that require a facility for their day to day operations but lack the
monetary investment to have their own office. Due to this, the prices for seat leasing services have
become extremely competitive, giving you the opportunity to choose a contractor that is capable of
providing you a service based on your budget, company needs and personal references.

So what will you get if you opt for seat leasing instead of renting or purchasing an office for your

Significant savings. Since you do not have to purchase or lease your own office space, procure new
infrastructure for your business to operate and pay for utilities, you will be able to set aside your
funds for more essential aspects of the business that can help you run it efficiently, such as additional

Scale operation at anytime. Most companies that offer seat leasing services operate 24 hours a day,
5-7 days a week. This means you can scale the operation of your business at any time, allowing you to
maximize business efficiency.

No long-term commitment required. Depending on your preference and the contractor from whom
you have leased, you can specify how long you intend to use the service.

Focus on core business processes. Considering that you no longer have to undergo the lengthy process
of procuring legal requirements necessary for office construction and all the seats along with the
infrastructure are already operational, you and your staff can proceed operating right away. During
the course of the lease, you can focus more on the core processes of your business, knowing that
everything is in order.

There is no doubt that seat leasing is a viable business solution, especially if you are just starting
with your business. However, it should be noted that the decision to opt for such service depends on
a variety of factors, including your needs and budget. The best thing you can do is to analyze your
options carefully and see how it aligns with the company’s goals so that you will be able to arrive at a
sound decision.

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