Philippines and India are two countries known to offer exceptional BPO services. Both countries have been proven to be the top picks of almost all global outsourcing companies.

However, Philippines has definitely been the preferred destination for outsourcing especially in the field of voice based services. The country has been recorded to have a wider range of population with an acquired American English accent. In addition, Philippines also has a lot of business knowledge and processing services.

Outsourcing in the Philippines had gone from a single contract coming from Accenture way back 1992, to becoming the on top of the list country for offshore outsourcing as of 2016. The extensive growth of the BPO industry in the country over the past years has been of great help in terms of the country’s economic growth. As a result, making it an imperative part for the government to further encourage the growth of the said industry in the Philippines.

Why do companies choose to offshore in the Philippines?

    • Filipinos are very flexible

Filipinos are very adaptive and can surely adjust to different time zones as required by different companies. Hospitality is a one major part of Filipino culture. This means that Filipinos will absolutely accommodate your requests anytime.

    • Labor costs are cheaper in the Philippines

If you will compare how much you have to spend if you are to hire in-house employees over offshoring in the Philippines, you might be blown away by how big the difference is. Labor costs is actually one of the main reasons why other countries choose to outsource in the Philippines. The basic wage of workers in the Philippines is even lower compared to other Asian countries.

    • Philippines is an English speaking country

As mentioned above, almost all the population in the country know how to converse in English. Regardless of the people’s educational attainment, Filipinos know at least the basics of conversational English.

    • Filipinos are resourceful and hardworking

One edge for foreign employers who outsource in the Philippines is that, they do not only have the full advantage of paying a cheaper price, they are also provided with word class employees. Filipinos are very hardworking and resourceful by nature.

There are multiple reasons as to why outsourcing is good for ones business than not. What most business owners commonly worry about are the cultural differences, language barrier and the time zone difference. However, Filipinos have proven to be adaptive, flexible, resourceful, hardworking and certified professionals.

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