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4 BPO Tips to Improve Your Partner Relationship

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is one of the leading trends in the business industry today. The economy might continue its improvement, some enterprises are [...]

Seven Customer Service Trends to Keep an Eye on This 2014

When it comes to your business, providing consistent high-quality customer service is one of the best and fastest ways to ensure its success. Research has [...]

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Debunking Five Common Misconceptions About Outsourcing Customer Services

More and more organizations have started outsourcing their customer service functions to third-party companies. From monitoring and managing emails, voice, fax and real-time chats to [...]

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5 Signs You Need the Help of an Internet Marketing Consultant

Not everybody needs the services of an Internet marketing consultant for their business, but some require it. How will you know if you need these? [...]

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